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Simmon's AirCool Foam-Fact or Fiction?

What does being cool have to do with sleeping well?  Lots!  There is extensive evidence to support that cooler temperatures promote better sleeping environments!  

In a 2009 article, Anahad O'Connor cites a study that showed optimal sleeping temperature to be between 60 and 68 degrees.

In an article found on WebMD, Kathleen Dohenny cites research stating that the human body temperature drops in preparation for sleep and that this is one of the reasons that optimal sleeping temperature is lower; sleeping environment temperature needs to correspond to the dropping body temperature.

Thermoregulation is strongly linked to sleep cycles according to many doctors.

This is just the beginning of a pile of evidence that suggests that cooler temperatures provide better sleep.  The ENVIRONMENT YOU SLEEP IN IS NOT THE ONLY ELEMENT OF THE SLEEPING EQUATION THAT CAN BE TEMPERATURE REGULATED.  

Simmon's has introduced AirCool foam along with a host of other heat dissipating foams, check out the Simmon's Beautyrest Info page to learn more and the Bedding page to see what we stock in Beautyrest and Simmon's Beautysleep bedding.

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