Sigrist's Furniture - "We have a corner on the finest furniture"
Virtual Tours by Sigrist's Furniture
-when you are taken to YouTube you can upgrade the quality of the video to HD if your internet connection will allow you to do so
-these videos will be updated on a regular basis to reflect new merchandise
In this portion of our website you will see pictures that are linked to video tours of different parts of our FIVE FLOOR store.  If you click on the picture you will be transported to the YouTube portal where you can browse our merchandise right from your living room.  If you see something you have a question about, just go ahead and CALL US UP!  269 651 5776 or 269 651 8468.  Thanks for viewing!

      Sigrist's Fireplace Room                                                Sigrist's Dining Room Area



     Sigrist's Main Showroom                                           
                                                                                           Sigrist's Leather Room



      Sigrist's Front Window                                         Sigrist's Basement Showroom


  Sigrist's Second Floor Showroom                                 Sigrist's Third Floor Showroom

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